Friday, July 23, 2010

Beef stew

I had no idea that making beef stew was really that easy!
All you need, is simply beef (duhh!!)
This became Maya's favorite meal and i cant tell you how easy it was to get her to eat carrots.
Healthy, nutritious and yet so simple
Next time i make the stew, will make sure that i will throw in some macaroni
Anyone wanna grab a bite of this stew during breaking fast next month? Just gimme a holler and I'll make them for you..


Homemade burgers

Free time makes me wonder

Why do i spent so much money on McDonald's burger when i can make them myself?
I stumbled upon some recipe from a women's magazine (man, i have been doing so much stumbling lately, hahaha) so i was surprised to find that these aren't not only easy, but healthier to make on your own.
You just need some minced beef or chicken (Ramly's the best, the Saudi brand contained some unprocessed little bits of bones and there was this one time i bit the patty, i thought that my own teeth were falling! It scared me to bits!)

Then you add it some salt and pepper, some minced garlic and minced parsley to taste and some secret sauce. Ha...wanna know what that sauce is? I'll give you a clue, it started with W...
And you shaped it anyway you like, and grill them on a hot grill and if you desire slather on some cheddar cheese and grill them together. I simply cooked them using my Tefal non stick pan, talked about being healthy!

The taste? Simply yummylicious!

Oh, don't forget the buns. You can choose normal bread too (like we did because we forgot the buns..hahaha) and stack the patty with some fresh tomatoes, salads and mayonnaise. Rachel Ray despises mayonnaise, i wonder why...hmmm

These are great for your barbecue parties, or just as a midday snacking.



I made these for my niece's cukur jambul ceremony. Too bad i didnt get to take her pictures because my own daughter was down with the fever so i was like a chicken being chopped its head off panicking.  Motherly instinct...hahaha

These are actually chocolate chip cupcakes and also raisin filled cupcakes.  Both are then decorated with chocolate ganache and fondant. I actually despise the idea of using fondant as it can be very very sweet, but for decoration purpose it does serve its purpose. I love piping icing instead. Havent you notice those cupcakes conglomerates like Cupcake Chic at Sunway Pyramid  and Bisou? Simply yummylicious, and they dont use fondants. I dont mind paying RM4++ for a Cupcake Chic cupcake as they are simply, simply yummers! Cupcakes have many versatility and one of them is they can last for a week once u put them in the fridge, or more. Other than that you can just pop them up for anytime snacking.

Available for orders ranging from RM 2 for a large size. The more you orderm yeah for sure i will give some discounts.

Meanwhile this housewife will concentrate in developing more recipes for cupcakes, cakes, cookies and pies. Will keep you posted!