Sunday, August 29, 2010

Cookies and sleeping

10 days to Hari Raya
Insomnia is setting in
Busy making cakes and cookies...filling up customers' demands
I am so lucky and thankful that i have been given a chance and talent by God for this
At least my family and i can celebrate Hari Raya with glee and at the same time, have some savings for my other baby who is due in 6 weeks time
To all my customers, cousins and friends...
I cant thank you enough for this chance
I pray the best to you too

Have a blessed 10 final days of Ramadhan 2010, i know i will

Friday, August 6, 2010

Muesli cookies
Made from oatmeal, mixture of nuts and raisins
Might say this is the healthiest of all cookies, in my opinion...hahaha
Going for RM 25 50 pieces
RM 43 100 pieces

Almond thumbprint cookies

Hazelnut thumbprint cookies

you can choose whichever fillings you like, be it chocolate ganache, peppermint or strawberry jams
Dont worry i didnt use my thumb to 'print' the mould...hahaha
Going for RM 22 50pieces
RM 40 100 pieces

new packagng

Amongst the type of packaging for the gift baskets.
Aside from the jar, there will be additional charge of RM 4 should you want to use the box packaging

Monday, August 2, 2010

Hari Raya cookies packaging

This is our other additional service
If you need to send out a gift baskets, instead of using the old fashion plastic cookie case (balang), you can also choose either one of our tin case containers
Going for additional RM 9 for small tin
Measurement 15cmx7.5cm (which can fit for 50+ pieces of cookies)

RM 14 for big container
Measurement 18cmx8.5cm (which can fit about 80+ pieces of cookies)

However the price is not fix  for the big container as negotiable upon request

As for the love shape container which is made from paper, it can fit about 80+ pieces of cookies and going for additional price of RM 6

Need to remind that each price are negotiable upon request and the type of cookies. It can be either one type of cookie or mixed. Please contact us for more details at our HP or email at Or visit my facebook page under Ellie Satonaka-Halu

Thanks guys for your support!

Chocolate Mint Cookies

Fresh from the oven
Chocolate mint cookies
selling for RM 20 for 50 pieces
RM 38 for 100 pieces
Doesnt the green color mint reminded you of Shrek? If yes, dont worry, its changeable to pink or white or purple :P

Chocolate spice cookies

Fresh from the oven
Chocolate spice cookies
selling for RM 20 for 50 pieces
RM 35 for 100 pieces

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Almond biscotti

Almond biscotti

Fresh from the oven simple yet crunchy almond biscotti.
Biscotti is Italian for biscuit, with biscotti is a plural for biscotto
it's a bit hard to eat as it is double baked to preserve its crunchiness and it is to be dunked into your selection of either coffee or tea
Well if you can have kerepek raya, why not some bicotti?
Going for RM 20 for 50 slices and RM 35 for 100 slices

Eggless chocolate chip cookies

Fresh from the oven
These cookies are actually egg free, which means that it suits those with eczema as it is allergen free
There is not much difference in taste except that it can be quite zesty as there is an additional ingredients of orange zest
Going for RM 18 for 50 pieces and RM 35 for 100 pieces
To order please contact writer via email at or call directly.