Saturday, January 9, 2010

Mini Croquembouche Tower

Mini Croquembouche tower made from stack of Profiteroles

Finally i got the chance to make some profiteroles or also known as cream puffs which is a type of choux pastry. Profiterole is a term that refers to a filling of ice cream. For profiterole, various type of fillings can be use, like ice cream, whipped cream or pastry cream. It can be presented single of it can be assemble into a type of presentation called Croquembouche which is French for "crunch in the mouth"

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And today i made them, stacked them up and drizzled with strawberry flavored chocolate. Yumm!

Profiteroles are a kind of treats that is always serve at weddings, gatherings as it is so easy for the guest to enjoy. It is less messy than cupcakes where you have to peel off the cupcake case, yet it can be a centrepiece which you can eat! How great is that? Less mess and you do not have to clean up after the guests!

There are a lot of fillings that you can choose from.My personal favorite are vanilla ice cream and cream pastry. This will then follow with the drizzled chocolate or even caramel. Oh gosh the thought of it makes me drool. Imagine the filling melts in your mouth **salivating**

I am going to enjoy my share of the profiteroles now! Be back for more people!