Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Red Velvet Cake

Red Velvet Cake

Red Velvet Cake - the origin
The cake which originated from the American definitely without a doubt is very very RED looking cake. it is also known as Devil's Food Cake with red coloring (loosely translated: Makanan Setan Berwarna Merah). It is a Southern specialty and rarely being baked here. Try walk into a bakery and ask for a Red Velvet Cake. I did. In return i got mouth gawking baker looking at me as if i am drugged or tak cukup tidur, or worse, been possessed by devil itself.
So went and search for the recipe. High and Low..but when i look at the list of the ingredients, i was left speechless. Most were unfamiliar to me. Did a little bit of research and honestly the first time i baked the cake, it look awful. Like my cat threw up a ball of yarn on it. A huge red bowl of yarn...sheeshhhh.....!!
It kind off rubbed me the wrong way, until my husband told me to give another try. I am sure glad i listened to him as for the second attempt the cake turn out well. I do know what was the error made for the first attempt, and managed to correct it.
As a result, the cake has been safely eaten by my colleagues at work during a farewell party. Yummy!

The beginning

Choc Fudge Cake with Choc Ganache

This is how it started

I was stressed out and stumbled into a recipe for chocolate fudge cake and i decided to give it a try, to ease my stress level and maybe, just maybe for my daughter's first birthday i can make her a homemade birthday cake instead of buying from the store.

And man, how it worked...the cake turned out well but i was sceptic. I have a history of baking things which can they turn out either lumpy or stone cold hard. So i decided to give a sample of the cake and post it on my Facebook account. Just for fun. Just to proof that the cake wasnt really that good, and people just ate it and say good things about it, because the love me.

I was wrong. The people DID LOVED the cake. For real!

Then we started to receive orders little by little, and my husband told me to experiment on more recipes. I did. I experimented on the recipes that some are unheard, like the red velvet cake. Return trips were made to numerous cake suppliers, and purchases were made for the baking equipments. My mum started to scold me for making the kitchen a mess, which is a good sign because i rarely use the kitchen as i rarely cook.

And this is how the third batch of my chocolate fudge cake turned out. I gave this cake to one of my friend as a sample as he saw my previous cake on my Facebook account and he wanted to order a wedding cake from me. Me? A wedding cake? that's a new challenge and i accepted it. Wanna know how the cake turn out?

Stay tuned