Thursday, January 14, 2010

My dream kitchen

My dream kitchen as per

CCC has taken a hiatus for a while. The owner of the blog is having severe migraine and fever and unwell to cook for others for fear of contaminating her clients, hahaha

Therefore, i will post something that is related with my what i am doing now, which is having a dream kitchen! I like this kitchen design and most probably i can get this exact design at my new house, pray to God. I mean, you must have a inspiration in order to cook, right? And i like this design. maybe the cabinet doors will be in black or blood red, as knowing us Malays, when we cook there bound to be something spilling or splashing over  Like the cooking oil, or the sambal belacan from the lesung batu

I like IKEA..i will always do. Praying hard that their doors will open soon at JB. They already bought the land plot. Please open your doors here at JB. I will be your biggest client. hahahaha