Monday, June 20, 2011

Macarons make me mad!

My favorite moment. After you pipped them and let them rest and when the feet starts to form out

The result - Perfectly baked macaroons but have to be extra gentle as they are very fragile
There has been this sudden surge in macarons or macaroons demand. It seems like everyone is enjoying them. Apart from writer. There is something about this type of desserts which are too sweet for my own consumption. Maybe its the sugar content. I tried to diminish the sugar, reduce it but it resulted in unsuccessful and ugly macaroon shell.

The history of macaroons
In France it is spelled macaron, in English it is spelled macaroon and in Italian it is spelled maccarone or maccharone. The origin is uncertain as some said that it originated from Italy, then been imported to France by 2 Benedictine nuns whom seeked asylum during the French Revolution. Whatever it is, it is one of the most historical desserts ever made and it is the most popular consumed cookie enjoyed by Italian Jews especially during the eight day Passover.

My take on macaroons
I tried making them less sweet as i have very sensitive enamel. However tamper as i may, it didn't yield out any good result. Who am i to tamper with century old recipes? What i can say is, enjoy them as you can. I give up in consuming them but i get the satisfaction in making them especially when the shells turn out great with beautiful formed feet.

What i like about them is, you can use whatever filling that you like. I like to put in some fresh strawberries and kiwis. It really brings out the flavor. Unfortunately in Johor Bahru, it is very scarce to find a macaroon maker. I myself am seeking for the chef so that i can learn and develop my skills of macaroon making