Saturday, January 30, 2010

Chocolates Galore


I learned to make these today. There are so many varieties of chocolates, like mocca filling, durian filling, strawberry filling etc etc;
and i will practise to make it tonight. So we can all enjoy it. While watching TV, as a Valentine's Day gift to your love ones or just to reward yourself
Thanks Chef for spending the time teaching me these skills. I wont fail you.

Chocolate chocolate and chocolate delight!


This is the latest design 
i made this today...please excuse the poor outlook of the rose petals. I kept on eating the chocolates instead of using it to make the petals! hahaha
For a beginner, all i can say is...
darn does look good! Better than i expected hahahaha
I need more practice, and i wont stop until it is perfect!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

My first wedding cake

The wedding cake

I received an order from my former close friend to make his wedding cake last December 2009
**  i meant former because i dont know where he is now..Maybe off to his honeymoon..hyuk hyuk  :P **

So he ordered a 3 tier chocolate fudge cake which is easy peasy for me to make However i faced difficulty on one thing which was to find the desired figurine. Most figurines may look lovely to the naked eyes but once you peer closely, you can see how disfugured they can be. Like broken nose, crooked arm etc.

This then caused me to traveled all around Johor Bahru to find the perfect cheap figurine, which was then available in the cake supply shop in front our my house! hahaha.

It was a simple white fondant cake with some fresh mints and strawberries which was decorated on the spot at the wedding reception in order to preserve their freshness, and this is the final reult.

What do you think?

Up next, an all chocolate 3 tier wedding cake with mocca praline on the works..yummersss!

Stay tuned

Thursday, January 14, 2010

My dream kitchen

My dream kitchen as per

CCC has taken a hiatus for a while. The owner of the blog is having severe migraine and fever and unwell to cook for others for fear of contaminating her clients, hahaha

Therefore, i will post something that is related with my what i am doing now, which is having a dream kitchen! I like this kitchen design and most probably i can get this exact design at my new house, pray to God. I mean, you must have a inspiration in order to cook, right? And i like this design. maybe the cabinet doors will be in black or blood red, as knowing us Malays, when we cook there bound to be something spilling or splashing over  Like the cooking oil, or the sambal belacan from the lesung batu

I like IKEA..i will always do. Praying hard that their doors will open soon at JB. They already bought the land plot. Please open your doors here at JB. I will be your biggest client. hahahaha

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Mini Croquembouche Tower

Mini Croquembouche tower made from stack of Profiteroles

Finally i got the chance to make some profiteroles or also known as cream puffs which is a type of choux pastry. Profiterole is a term that refers to a filling of ice cream. For profiterole, various type of fillings can be use, like ice cream, whipped cream or pastry cream. It can be presented single of it can be assemble into a type of presentation called Croquembouche which is French for "crunch in the mouth"

all this details are courtesy of 

And today i made them, stacked them up and drizzled with strawberry flavored chocolate. Yumm!

Profiteroles are a kind of treats that is always serve at weddings, gatherings as it is so easy for the guest to enjoy. It is less messy than cupcakes where you have to peel off the cupcake case, yet it can be a centrepiece which you can eat! How great is that? Less mess and you do not have to clean up after the guests!

There are a lot of fillings that you can choose from.My personal favorite are vanilla ice cream and cream pastry. This will then follow with the drizzled chocolate or even caramel. Oh gosh the thought of it makes me drool. Imagine the filling melts in your mouth **salivating**

I am going to enjoy my share of the profiteroles now! Be back for more people!

Friday, January 8, 2010


I just do not make cupcakes as good as any other cupcake makers
I mean i can bake them, and have baked for my friends on several occassions, but as for the deco i can tell you i really suck at it.
This is because i dont have the patience to decorate something so miniscule.

Imagine this, i have a 1 year old daughter who constantly demands for my attention. Imagine me decorating and then hear my daughter scream because her father pick on her. Mental stress

I tried decorate them when she is sleeping, but babies are like sharks. Once they cannot smell you, they will hunt you down, literally. Hahaha

But i can try to upgrade my cupcake decorating skills. However at the moment i just wont promote something that i am not good at.

It will be so wrong. Same goes if you can decorate a cupcake beautifully but it tastes like feet. That will be wrong, wrong and wrong.....!!

I can win on the taste, but i rate myself on a scale of 5 out of 10 for decorations. However first impression do matter. However if you dont mind on the decorations, feel free to contact me :)

Furthermore i personally think all those cupcake making hype is a one off phase/trend. It will be better if i try to master more than 1 kind of treat, but i do promise that, i will upgrade my cake decorating skills.

Wedding Anniversary Cake

Choc Fudge Cake with Choc Ganache...from MYR 35/kg

Made this cake for my hubby's colleague at work for his wedding anniversary. He wanted the cake to be shaped like a heart and weigh around 2kg.
When i was making the cake, i thought to myself, what a romantic husband. I never made a heart shaped cake before but i just give it a try.
It came out perfect, and i top it off with some fresh chocolate ganache with strawberries and chocolate shavings. Pure chocoholic delight! And he was smiling ear to ear when he came to my house to collect the cake. I was too. Nothing makes me feel happier seeing others happy.

Gosh that reminds me, i need to give names for all my cakes...How about Choco Loco? I think it has been taken...hmm...hahaha

Monday, January 4, 2010

next on the list

next on the list of treats to try making is


Lets try and pronounce it


what is it? its French (duhh)

wait for it people....wait for it :P

Barbie theme birthday cake

Received a request to make a Barbie theme sponge cake for a colleagues daughter second year old birthday.
Hmm...sponge cake. Not really specialty. Last time i made a sponge cake, it looked god awful. Furthermore i made it for my mother's birthday. Can you imagine how humiliating that was?

So i browse around for the recipes and came upon a few. Decided to give each one a fair trial and the best one did prevailed! We managed to bake the cake and for the filling we put in some fresh handmade strawberry jams and then for the fondant we made it pink as per birthday girl's demand.

The moment the cake was done, we hand delivered it to our client's house at Setia Indah, and I have received on of the best compliments yet; which was;

"Ibu, nak sudu nak makan kek"
loosely translated: Mummy give me spoon i want eat cake

Coming from a two year old, it was one of the best compliment ever. Thanks Kak Murni for the oppurtunity given, I enjoyed making the cake and trying out a new recipe.

There will be more to come