Monday, January 4, 2010

next on the list

next on the list of treats to try making is


Lets try and pronounce it


what is it? its French (duhh)

wait for it people....wait for it :P

Barbie theme birthday cake

Received a request to make a Barbie theme sponge cake for a colleagues daughter second year old birthday.
Hmm...sponge cake. Not really specialty. Last time i made a sponge cake, it looked god awful. Furthermore i made it for my mother's birthday. Can you imagine how humiliating that was?

So i browse around for the recipes and came upon a few. Decided to give each one a fair trial and the best one did prevailed! We managed to bake the cake and for the filling we put in some fresh handmade strawberry jams and then for the fondant we made it pink as per birthday girl's demand.

The moment the cake was done, we hand delivered it to our client's house at Setia Indah, and I have received on of the best compliments yet; which was;

"Ibu, nak sudu nak makan kek"
loosely translated: Mummy give me spoon i want eat cake

Coming from a two year old, it was one of the best compliment ever. Thanks Kak Murni for the oppurtunity given, I enjoyed making the cake and trying out a new recipe.

There will be more to come