Friday, February 26, 2010

Chocolate cake with Chocolate Roses

That handmade chocolate rose making class do come handy. Check out these pictures. The cake was booked by a friend who wanted to give his closest friend who is getting married on February weekend.

I just hoped one thing, due to this crazy and hot weather, i sure hope they wont melt and turned into some unsightly mush; but it did rained yesterday. Alhamdulillahh...

My teacher told me, a professional chef will charge RM 100/rose. Can you count how many roses are there and multiply by RM100? It will be...gazillion bucks! But the whole cake, plus some additional handmade chocolates with mocca praline and almond filling (separate fillings) only cost less than RM 200

Need i say more? enjoyyyyy

Monday, February 22, 2010

Birthday Cake for Chut Puteri

Made a moist chocolate cake for my friend's daughter birthday. It was pretty last minute but it did turn out well. Except due to high and crazy temperature that we are currently facing, the writing melted! Poor girl.
Combining buttercream and chocolate is not mean feat, but somehow the strawberry manages to make the cake more colorful and inviting..

Cupcakes galore

Some of the cupcakes that i made last week. These are some Double Chocolate Galore and Strawberry Filling Cupcakes, Blueberry Filling Cupcakes, both top with either chocolate ganache or creamy buttercream.

Learning how to use the piping bag and nozzle and making chocolate strips. Not bad for a self learnt beginner right? hahaha

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Latest Creation-Strawberry Sponge Cake with Chocolate Ganache


This is a 2kg birthday cake for my husband's friend. Basically it is a sponge cake with strawberry filling and top up with chocolate ganache which is always a huge favorite amongst adults and children alike. I too,  like them ganache :)

The difference is, I learnt how to make to chocolate strips and it was pretty easy to make. All you need are creativity and lots and lotsa love.

That's my secret ingredient everytime I bake a cake, or making chocolates, or cupcakes or cream custards. 
I made them with love and there is no more gratifying feeling than making others happy especially when they go OOHHS and AHHS when looking at the result.

I may not be a pro in this, but i will become one

Thanks for the oppurtunities guys! Hugss!!!

Valentine's Day Chocolates

Since word spread out that I too can make chocolates and although not a pro in making making, nevertheless I did received some orders to make some for  Valentine's Day. Syukur Alhamdulillah

Here are some of the designs for your eyes, which of course please enjoy salivating upon viewing.

The fillings vary, from mocca praline, almonds, hazelnut and Gummy Bears, until i dont know which is which when i stuffed them in the special design boxes. Luckily my clients did not have any allergy towards nuts and best of all, these are cheaper than the ones available in the market.

How i wish someone give me some chocolates for my Valentine...hahahaha

Happy Valentine's Day people, have fun!