Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Oven

I always wanted a new oven

Something that is big enough so that i can stuff in a turkey as i will attempt to make a TurDucKen for this years' Thanksgiving with my buddy Zaza.

A convection oven with microwavable function may cost you about MYR1500++. A normal electric oven may cost you around MYR500 for a 40 litre oven. That said, you really must be an expert in controlling the temperature so that the food will not be undercooked or overcooked, or worse, burnt.
Then one day my hubby and i went to Tesco and saw this oven at a second hand store.It was a second hand gas oven and i just fell in love with it the moment i saw it.

The previous owner was a Singaporean who has moved away and i just couldnt resist the luring temptation that the oven has. Bravely, i asked for the price, and to my surprise, after much haggling i managed to get the oven for less than MYR 500! Freaking schteal! hahahaha

So ladies and gentlemen...TurDucKen will be making its debut in 2010! Insya-Allah

cheesecake and choc fudge cake


Baked these for my nephew's a product tester
In short all my cousins liked them very very much...hence the birth of crazycousinscreations..
Please wipe your drool people...hahaha
Choc fudge cake from MYR34.99/kg
cheesecake from MYR 45.99/kg

Cheesecake Anyone?

                                          Chocolate Baked Cheesecake - from RM49.99 23 inch

My favourite kind of cake, all time
How it melts in your mouth, really tempting and make me drool everytime i think of it
But alas....a cheesecake will costs me about RM 6+ plus tax at Secret Recipe
One whole load of cheesecake itself will costs me more than RM60++...with that amount of money I can get two packs of large size baby diapers.
So I decided to make my own cheesecake, and i successfully made it!
By making cheesecake i learnt a new word which is steam baked. One more new word in my dictionary...hahaha
And i have a cheaper alternative from the Secret Recipe cheesecake, i didnt burn a hole in my pocket and i have the whole load of cheesecake all by myself. Furthermore the cheesecake still taste oven fresh even after i had left in it the fridge for 4 days (i strictly forbade my husband from stealing my slice of cake or the will be hell to pay...and it worked..hahaha!)
If you want cheesecake...just let me know and i will bake for you...
Enjoy salivating people!