Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Our dream garden

After years of playing Farmville at Facebook...time to make this dream a reality
This is Jamie Oliver's garden. It is indeed a beauty
Someday i wished that we can have a garden just like this.

I found that gardening also relieves stress. While sowing and stabbing (??) the earth, i imagined that i am stabbing someone who i hated most. Well, not someone. In fact there are more than one people in this earth that i wished that they mind their own frigging business instead of mine. Bitter revenge as i would like to see it...much to my husband's chagrin...Heehaw...

My experience in gardening? Apart from years of Farmville...its pretty zilch though!

By the way, i changed our blog link to a name that is more memorable. its No more crazy cousins tongue twisters name..

Wish us luck people!